Taxation is theft

I saw this meme today and it annoyed me enough to write about it.  As usual these types of memes try and demonize people as non-caring ogres that oppose humanity and all that is good.  Allow me to offer an alternate explanation.  An explanation that taxation is theft and that government are thieves.

Imagine a neighborhood in where the mafia runs free.  You own a corner store and the mafia shows up one day and says that they will “protect” you from harm if you pay a certain amount.  They extort you.  They will inflict harm if you do not pay.  In essence you are paying them money to not injure you.

This is what the government has done.  They take of your substance with the lie that you are being charitable.  According to the government you are great person because you are giving and helping your fellow man.  This is of course a lie.

The government is extorting you.  The definition of extortion is:

the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.


If you do not believe it then try and not pay taxes.  What happens?  Men come to your house and arrest you and if you resist they shoot you.  So the idea that taxes are charity is a lie.  It is theft guised as charity.  If I am compelled to do something and have no choice in the matter the charitable element is gone.  I can no longer exercise my freedom of conscience.

What happens if I think there is a better way to help vets?  What if I don’t believe that PBS is a good thing?  According to this meme that doesn’t matter.  My conscience doesn’t matter because the mob has spoken.  If you disagree with the mob then you are a bad person.

This is the inherent problem with taxes.  It assumes that government has a higher claim to your possessions and substance than you do.  If you don’t pay property taxes the government can take away your property even if you own it from the bank.  If you don’t pay taxes the government can seize assets to pay the debt.  If you don’t pay you can be arrested and your freedom taken.

So why is it evil to want to keep your own money and use your own freedom and substance to help people? Taxation should be looked at for the theft that it is.  Taxation is theft.  Legality is a matter of power not justice.


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