My Take on Climate Change and Bill Nye(for What it’s Worth)

Over the last week I have put up some posts and memes that have caused a little bit of a stir among some people.  Some even going as far as calling me uneducated and lacking basic high school knowledge.  I wanted to elaborate on where I stand with climate change.

I believe the climate is changing.  I don’t know how much is caused by humans.  I don’t think it is 100% caused by humans, however, I think it would unreasonable to think that humans play no part.  I also believe it unreasonable to believe that the planet carries 100% of the blame.  To what degree each force plays a role is up for debate.  I can’t say with authority what the number is.

I believe there is a lot of room for debate.  The last time I checked there were about two dozen models contributing the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  These models predict anywhere from a .5 – 6 degree increase in temperature over the next 50 years.  So even from the governmental agency that is responsible for informing governments about climate change there is a great deal of disagreement on what will actually change and even more about how this will effect the planet as a whole.

This is typical of government.  When I moved to Guatemala I came by land through Mexico.  I was looking at all of the warnings from the State Department.  There was no shortage of warnings.  Warnings that said state employees were prohibited from going to certain areas and past certain streets.  It scared the living daylights out of me.  Not only was I going in to Mexico but I needed to pass into what the State department called the most dangerous part of Mexico(Tamaulipas).

I talked to many people that had actually made the trip.  They told me to be careful but it was really nothing to worry about.  One friend made it even clearer.  I asked him about the travel warnings from the State department and he said pretty bluntly: The State department has to look out the for the State department.  He further told me that he drove that particular route many times and very recently and there was not a lot to be concerned about.  Now that I have done the trip a couple of times I feel the same way.  The State Department keeps giving the warnings and I still keep making the trip without incident.  That is isn’t to say that I shouldn’t be concerned or that there is nothing to worry about but it is not as bad as what it is made out to be.  I find this true of government as a whole.

I don’t believe in the doomsday scenarios push by the left.  People like Bill Nye seem to be pushing an agenda.  I am ALWAYS skeptical of people who stifle debate and free speech.  It is a modern day inquisition.  Remember the inquisition?  It was the Catholic church’s combat against heresy within it’s ranks.  Those that spoke out against the church or otherwise rebelled were put on trial and in some cases even put to death.

Bill Nye is pushing a modern day inquisition.  A world in which the loudest person wins and those that disagree or interprets data differently are labeled heretics and should be punished.  A world in which government control is the answer.  I believe that the only reason Bill Nye is pushing for more government control is to realize his version of a utopian society in which there is only HIS point of view.  That is all that will be taught and no one can disagree.

Essentially he is activating for a totalitarian government much like North Korea where people only receive what the government deems worthy and any attempt to contradict that perceived truth is punished.   So while Bill Nye and others like him rail against how bad religion has been for humanity due it’s opposition to science(a fact that has been largely proved false) they espouse an idea far worse.  It’s the same rhetoric that has caused so much death and misery across the world.

Governments from Mao to Pol Pot, to Stalin had the same mentality.  Stifle opposition at all costs.  Free speech is an enemy to the state.  Dissenters have to be punished.   This mentality has led to more than 120 million deaths in 20th century alone.  It is a dangerous mentality.

As I become older and more aware I believe that humans have a lot of responsibility for our earth. We need to get off of fossil fuels.  We need to find more avenues of renewable energy.  We need to stop deforestation.  We need to take care of our planet.  Pure and simple.  This can be accomplished.  I’m sure of it.  But government control and indoctrination is not the answer.  Government can play a role but government cannot do everything even if they wanted to.  People have to do their part.  And bow ties suck!


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